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                    Pave the way for policy-oriented development usheredthe golden period of water-based paint
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                    Many prosperous country has been forced to start using water-based coatings, however, water-based paint in the Chinese market is still not widely played. 90 years from the early beginning of the 20th century, the world is the beginning of a flourishing country, "Green reactionary" to mobilize coating property to "green" products tend to step forward, until now, water-based paint ushered in the golden period of growth.
                    Well-known, long-lasting coating has kept the traditional home decoration is a clean source of tension than the force. Acceptance of traditional solvent-based paints because of "Thinner" (alias banana water, as usual, as concentrates, the important identity is xylene, highly volatile, flammable, explosive, toxic) as the solvent, the formation of a large number of volatile inorganic and construction of things is not easy to clean. Today, the paint on the Chinese market, the vast department as usual solvents and the use of inorganic solvents as concentrates, of course, Britain and the end of years of innovation promotion, but still difficult and the West country such as the product of Bimei ancestors.
                    Contemporary scientific and medical skills have been confirmed, inorganic solvents on the human body healthy situation and there is great persecution. Power giant release assessment data, about 2.1 million children die each year renovation purification, about 120 million women give birth to gifted children with disabilities renovation cleaning, thus, the world health structure will participate in the indoor environment clean, "a child of ten healthy category killer" list.
                    In addition, inorganic solvents, and kerosene, like power, capital is not renewable. Interpretation of statistical data evaluation, in 2007, China's total output of about 4 million tons coatings, due to volatile oil-based paint, coating, after about 60% of the inorganic solvent Phi sent to the atmosphere, the formation of a waste of power, while tension purification the atmosphere, exceptionally indoor situation. According to the budget, the use of the coating process, the annual evaporation of benzene, aromatic solvents like family 240 million tons.
                    Today, the use of inorganic solvents most often is accepted kerosene or natural gas refining the product, its influence is limited to dilute the paint, coating facilities, the use of the film after her inability to function less play any probation.
                    Water to replace water-based coating inorganic solvent, condensed water can be indirect, things to water washing of construction, low on the situation of purification. There are materials performance, water-based coatings in Europe now have reached the utilization of 80% to 90%, and the beginning of the previous two years, the EU has to exercise restraint in the use of oil-based paint in home decorating.
                    Chinese market, there are many water-based paint products in the sale, however, because the consumption of long-lasting since the cost of elements such as customs and the reason why, whether it is water broke as usual trafficking, oil-based paint in China are constantly occupied by a relatively strong local positions. While in recent years to deal with those who follow the consumption of the high regard of environmental protection, water-based paints are more high-end consumption beginning play in groups and recognized, however, deal more in low-consumption market, China is still oil paint.
                    In this regard, China Coating Industry Association Secretary-General Wang Yue-kun exposition, the largest water-based paint is environmentally healthy indicator of the upper hand, but because a small number of water-based paint products at home and the result is not grams less than the complete painting with oil paint to reach the degree of similarity, and, water paint coating process by the weather conditions influenced the construction period is longer, and therefore, water-based paint in China is hard to really capture the market. His performance, furniture, toys and other manufacturers around the clock to give birth to follow the necessary product; painter necessary construction cycle and the product of both healthy environment; household consumption are necessary to meet the cost and glory, fullness and water and good product. If the character of the degradation products can be completed, water-based paint is a difficult domestic market throughout the play.
                    Wang Yue-kun, China's growing need to focus on water-based paint to break through the generous two: First, the product of water-based paint to complete a qualitative Pentium character; the second is for furniture, building materials, toys and other dirty business and home consumption of non-stop throughout. The good news is that now some of the domestic water-based paint furniture painted guessed nitro, nitro flat paint color painted toys, nitro lacquer crafts series products have been through the process of global testing organization's most powerful tycoons - SGS test , entrance of the West's leading buy a "green channel."


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