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                    Waterproof coating ceiling still leaks with complaintsthe public to win back 360 yuan loan
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                    Weifang newspaper on July 6 news 6 line, Weifang Kuiwen Zhang told reporters that May, he bought steel market in Weifang City, a barrel of polyurethane waterproof coating for maintenance of their own loft ceiling, but 5 After the evening rain, all blistering plaster, and this, the dealer said it was improper use of Mr. Zhang. Finally, Mr. Zhang, a complaint to the business sector, took back the 360 yuan paint money.
                    In early May, Mr. Zhang, who lives in the central district of Regency to Weifang steel market to buy a barrel of polyurethane waterproof coating, then the dealer said that this is very easy to use waterproof paint, specifically to deal with ceiling leaks, basement water seepage. The morning of July 6, Mr. Zhang found that after a night of rain-soaked, they coated with waterproof paint the ceiling are blistering, and serious place already dripping.
                    Zhang require dealers to refund the 360 dollars he bought paint. 6 am, the reporters and Mr. Zhang came to the steel wholesale distribution of paint to find this dealer Mr. Wu, he told reporters, users of products used in the old packaging, a lot of use is not marked clearly, not the product quality qualified, is likely to be in the course of Mr. Zhang, did not completely remove the previous paint lead, we can only replace a barrel of new paint, can not refund.
                    Mr. Zhang insisted that this is not satisfied money back, for other products. 6 pm, Mr. Zhang will paint dealers complained to the Weifang City, the business sector, workers in industrial and commercial mediation, Zhang returned to him eventually got the paint section of 360 yuan.


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